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Our founder Leigh Rothschild is an independent inventor with over 100+ patents and have gone through many issues with the life of his work. 

It started with a personal struggle of creating new ideas the market was not ready for, ahead of time and vastly misunderstood. As technology evolved Leigh's patents became relevant and were being seen in new products. A window appeared to open the once felt closed and it was time to put his work into action. We have executed licensing options successfully, sold portfolios, and brought many products to stores through manufacturing. 

We have created a successful business from our experiences and would like to offer a solution if you have been infringed upon. We know what it's like to fight for your intellectual property and offer a chance to reach the goals envisioned by the inventor through working with us. 

Our Team
Leigh M. Rothschild, CEO


Mr. Rothschild is an established inventor who to date has been issued more than 280 US patents and has more than 250 patents pending worldwide. Mr. Rothschild's first patent was conceived when he was 17 years of age and granted shortly thereafter. Mr. Rothschild has licensed and sold patents within his patent portfolio to many major Fortune 100 companies around the world including Apple, and Intellectual Ventures among others, and his technologies are in use at companies ranging from most major automotive companies, and Ebay, to the US Department of Commerce, and Citrix, among many others. From October 1998 through February 2004, Mr. Rothschild was Chairman and founder of BarPoint.com, a NASDAQ publicly traded wireless information company that was the leader and early creator of tying symbology such as barcodes to the internet. Mr. Rothschild is the inventor of many patents in this area. Barpoint.com was sold in February of 2004. Prior to founding BarPoint, Mr. Rothschild was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IntraCorp Entertainment, Inc., a consumer software company with worldwide product distribution. 

Christopher J. Medina, Vice President 


Christopher Medina is the Vice President for Patent Asset Management, LLC., an intellectual property holding company that he helped build from the ground up. Christopher studied Business Administration at DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to Patent Asset Management, LLC., Christopher has also been the Director of Operations for Rothschild Trust Holdings for the last 21 years, an intellectual property holding company that manages more than 280 issued patents and 250 pending patents.

Ieshia F. Owens, Senior Paralegal 


Ieshia Owens is our Senior Paralegal. With a decade of experience in the legal field, she is our go to person for legal research, bookkeeping and administrative matters. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in English Literature with a focus on technical communication from Florida International University along with a certification in Paralegal Studies. Ieshia's areas of expertise include communications, legal research and legal writing. Prior to joining Patent Asset Management, LLC she worked in practice areas including Mass Tort Litigation, Complex Litigation, and Condominium Association Law.    

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